Saturday, April 2, 2011

Texas Hold 'em 2011

Tonight, Resiterns hosted our annual Texas Hold 'em at Shrimp n' Stuff Restaurant! We had a GREAT time playing a little poker, eating a lot of yummy food and talking and laughing a whole lot! This is always such a fun event, and I'm already looking forward to next year's poker night. Ladies, we have a whole year to hone our Texas Hold 'em skills. Maybe next year, one of us girls will actually win! : )

Derrick, Boone and Nic

Lindsey, Benji and Andrew

Amanda, Katie, Stu and David. David was our grand prize winner! Enjoy your dinner at Rudy and Paco's!

Laura and Kate...We are so glad Nic matched at UTMB! Hope you loved your first Resiterns event!

David, Kim and Jen

Nic and Laura dueling till the end...

The Guys (mostly watching the Final Four game instead of taking a picture).

They crack themselves up!

The Girls. It was such a fun night!

Laura, Kate and Jen

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