Friday, July 29, 2011

Newcomer's Brunch RSVP- August 3rd Deadline

The invites are out!
Please join us as we welcome the "Newcomer's" to the island with a brunch for the ladies August 13, 10:30am! It is going to be at the beautiful Tremont Hotel downtown... with a few new/unique touches.

***Be sure to RSVP as soon as possible (no later than Aug. 3) to

Thursday, July 21, 2011

July Monthly meeting

Thanks Amanda Keelen for hosting our monthly meeting and a riveting game of BUNCO!  It was SO SO SO fun!
 A nice surprise-- we were able to pick up our painted potter pieces- here they all are!  We have some very creative women in our group!
 Courtney-the HULK took on Amanda's spice rack... the Cummen won.
 Let the games begin!  It was so great having several "new members" at our meeting!  It is awesome how we have grown this year!
 Keep on rolling....  BIG BUNCO!
 The big winner... Stephanie Sanchez
 The biggest loser Erin Haynes and the most BIG BUNCO's Tiffani Pampalon.
Let's do it again in August! Great time girls!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shriner's "Carnival"

A few of the Resiterns' women headed to Shriner's Burn Hospital on July 8th to host a "carnival" party for the patients and their families. Our "carnival" was complete with games such as "Spin-the-Wheel," a ring toss, bowling, lollipop tree, an arts and craft station and our biggest hit...a "Candy Walk" in lieu of a cake walk. The older kids LOVED the candy walk! Also a big hit were the prizes and snacks. Who doesn't love bouncy balls, bendable figures, candy, cookies, Capri Suns, cupcakes with sprinkles and popcorn? The kids and families at Shriner's sure loved it!

Resiterns wants to thank our members (and a friend of a member!) who were able to come in the middle of the day on a Friday afternoon. It was kind of a tricky time with our members who work and have kids, but it was a blast for those of us who were there, and it was a joy to see smiles on some sweet little faces. : ) Although we couldn't take pictures during the event due to hospital rules and privacy policies, we'll leave you with a picture of our volunteers. Thanks again, girls!