Thursday, January 27, 2011

January Meeting Recap

Everyone should be receiving their newsletters in the mail in the next day or two. I decided to go back to the pre-Ike mailed out newsletter format to cut down on the amount of e-mails we receive. I know there are some who don't check their e-mails regularly, and I know that I, personally, tend to get so many junk e-mails that I accidentally skip over or delete e-mails that I should keep and read. I just want to make sure everyone receives information about Resiterns and our events! We will still be using e-mail for Evites and quick reminders. : )

In addition to posting about the social, service and children's events we do each year, this blog will also serve as a way for us to record our "meeting minutes." When we went to get the bank account switched earlier this month, we were most definitely under prepared! They wanted meeting minutes on letterhead, a copy of our resolutions, etc. We have letterhead in the works, and this is going to be our forum for saving our meeting minutes and copying them to the letterhead. Thanks to modern technology, we are going to be sure we are prepared next year! So here goes...

Meeting: January 20, 2011 at the home of Kyla Muns
The meeting was called to order at 7:20
In attendance: Kate Martin, Kyla Muns, Erin Haynes, Jen Coughlin, Megan Johnson, Courtney Rai, Laura Piovesana and Amanda Keelen

1. General Information:
  • All officers were issued binders to maintain and pass down to next year's officers. All officers should write down EVERYTHING and should update the blog with information and photos of events pertaining to their office.
  • Newsletter - We are bringing back the printed and mailed newsletter in lieu of the e-mailed newsletter. Examples were shown to all in attendance.
  • Membership Letters for Incoming Residents - In past years, Resiterns has published a booklet entitled "Inside Galveston." The book contains important phone numbers, information about Resiterns, ads from businesses around Galveston, etc. Examples were shown to all in attendance. We will be publishing this booklet again this year and need everybody's help to sell ads for the book. We want to further Jen's hard work post-Ike to rebuild membership, and this is a great next step! This book will go out to every incoming resident, fellow and intern as well as to current members.
  • All officers are to come up with a rough calendar of events and meetings for the book. Dates don't have to be set in stone, but we need a rough idea of where and when Resiterns' events will take place.
  • Resiterns' resolutions need to be revised. Megan Johnson agreed to undertake this project.
2. Social:
  • Resiterns does a lot for the girls in the group but not as much for the men. Ideas for men's social activities generated at the meeting include a movie night, Buffalo Wild Wings, watching sporting events and golf.
  • Sweetheart Dinner for Valentine's Day is Feb. 5 at Erin's house.
  • Texas Hold 'em is planned for April 2nd at Shrimp 'n Stuff. Feel free to ask any current UTMB med students who match at UTMB for residency to join us.
  • The consensus of all in attendance is that members would likely still come to events if a small fee (i.e. $10-15) was charged for nicer events such as Texas Hold 'em and the Holiday Party.
3. Mother's Group:
  • A February event was decided upon at the meeting. It will consist of the kick-off Mardi Gras parade and ice cream at the Spot on Feb. 26.
4. Service: 
  • We are bringing back our monthly donations to the Women's Crisis Center. Members are to bring one toiletry item to each monthly meeting. Laura will collect these items and coordinate delivery.
  • General consensus at the meeting was that we do an average of 6 service projects each year.
  • Ronald McDonald house meal will still be an event, but it will not be in December.
  • Resiterns will also join with the Faculty Wives' Group for the D'Feet Walk again this year.
  • Other ideas generated include a holiday party for Shriner's kids, and Zumbathons.
  • A former Resiterns member is willing to donate her services for Zumbathons benefiting charities. All Resiterns members should be on the lookout for a facility with a sound system where we can host the Zumbathons. It is agreed that this will be a great community outreach event that will also benefit a great cause.
5. Care and Concern:
  • Doctor's Day has been moved from Service to Care & Concern.
  • This officer is responsible for meal organization, diaper organization, sympathy cards, etc.
  • All in attendance agreed that we would attempt to send gift cards in lieu of flowers to new moms.
  • Rundown of expectant mothers at the meeting. (See newsletter for mommies and due dates).
6. Upcoming:
  • Feb. 10 meeting will be at Laura's house and will include Italian cooking instruction!
  • April meeting will be at Jen's house where we will prepare membership letters to be mailed and have pizza.
  • Feel free to plan events for after the meeting (i.e. bunco, game night, potlucks, food exchanges, etc.)
  • We are bringing back the Resitern of the Month tradition! All in attendance chose Erin Haynes as Resitern of the Month for her hard work on the blog, binders, Sweetheart dinner and much more!
Meeting was 90 minutes long.

Sorry that was boring! : ) 
~ Kate

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